Our kitchen cabinetry covers the full spectrum of ingenuity, with no two kitchens ever alike, we boast on our solid cabinet construction and our quality engineered doors, mouldings, and accessories. Our kitchens stretch to the full depth of the customers imagination, whether it be framed or frameless, traditional or modern, a copy or completely unique, and with a wide selection of door styles the possibilities are infinite.


At Matt Cripps and Sons we build our stairs with the utmost precision and workmanship to create a sturdy staircase that will last a lifetime. With a wide range of stair products we ensure that each staircase is built to the customers’ satisfaction and to fit precisely into any house, no matter what shape or size.


Our quality craftsmanship and precision come together in our custom furniture projects, whether it is recreating a piece to match existing furniture, or designing and building a unique furniture piece. All our furniture is built with traditional joinery methods and traditional hand tools to last a lifetime.


We create any intricate wood trim or details that you need to match existing mouldings in your home, no matter how old it is.


Whether you’re renovating or building new, we can help install all of your trim-work.


We offer custom 3D and 2D carvings. Signs, trinkets, pictures, etc, we can carve almost anything with our CNC Carver. We can also personalize your cabinet doors for your kitchen or furniture.