Who We Are

Matt Cripps and Sons is a family run business on the outskirts of Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. We specialize in finish carpentry projects; from kitchens to furniture, hardwood stairs to trim-work. Using traditional hand tools and skills alongside todays advanced woodworking machines, we take the ideas of our customers, combine it with our own knowledge, and create finished products that show our pride in our workmanship; products that will satisfy our customers.

Matt Cripps

Matthew Cripps, the owner of Matt Cripps and Sons, was introduced to carpentry in England at a very young age, picking up the basics from his father, a cabinetmaker and furniture restorer by trade. His passion for carpentry grew while working with several builders in Devon, England, until he eventually owned his own building company. Constructing brick and timber frame buildings and undergoing renovations, his crew grew to a total of 10 by 2003.

As a young boy, Matt also had a passion for farming. As his family grew so did his enthusiasm for farming until the day when he and his wife, Naomi, bought a farm in Devon. After building the farm up to a large quantity of cows, sheep, pigs, geese, ducks, turkeys, laying and meat chickens, alongside running the building business, Matt and Naomi decided to fulfill their lifetime dream and emigrated to Canada in 2003 with their 2 sons and daughter, where they settled in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia.

After working on a local farm for several years and doing carpentry jobs on the side, Matt started his own carpentry business, Matt Cripps and Sons, in 2009, with his sons specializing in finish carpentry to continue the family tradition. Matt enjoys working with his 2 sons and passing on the knowledge that was passed onto him by his father and grandfather and expanding his business.

Jim Cripps

Jim Cripps has grown up around woodworking for as long as he can remember since his father taught him how to use a jigsaw at the age of 5. While he grew up on the farm in England he was always building something from wood, albeit quite poorly, however some picture frames that he built are still together today at the grandparents’.

Jim always enjoyed woodworking classes in school in England, and after moving to Tatamagouche with his family in 2003, he did well in woodworking classes in North Colchester High School, where he was top of the class upon graduation. Jim always had a woodworking project on the go at school which he worked on during lunch breaks and after school, finishing a 3-bladed wooden propeller in grade 12 which stills hangs in the workshop today.

After graduation he moved back to England for a few months before returning to Tatamagouche, where he worked at a local cabinet shop, before finding a job with a local carpenter. While working the new carpentry job he found his passion lay in trim-work and hardwood stairs installation. Soon afterwards, he and his father started Matt Cripps and Sons where he could learn more about finish carpentry from his father and grow his passion of woodworking.

Jim is building up his hours of cabinetmaking so that he can become a Red Seal certified cabinetmaker in the near future.

In 2008 Jim married his wife, Jamie, and began growing the Cripps family. They have a daughter and a son who both love to spend time in the workshop. In 2012 Jim and Jamie built their own home where they live happily with their children. Jim looks forward to the day when he can follow the family tradition and teach his children the skills of woodworking.

Sam Cripps

Like his brother, Sam has grown up around woodworking, and from a young age was always working on wood projects with his older brother. Many of his first projects have survived until today where they are still in use at his grandparents’ or around the farm today. After moving to Tatamagouche with his family he showed a fond interest and understanding of woodworking at high school and spent many an evening working on small wood projects in the workshop.

After graduation from high school, Sam followed his passion for working with farm animals and attended the NSAC where he graduated in 2012 with an Animal Science degree. During his holidays from school he worked with his father and brother doing finish carpentry. After graduation he made use of his degree and worked for Perennia, in Truro, where he ran a research project on grass-fed cattle.

In 2012 Sam joined again with his father and brother in the finish carpentry business where his knowledge and understanding of woodworking makes him an asset to the team.

Sam is engaged to his future wife, Margaret, and owns his own farm just outside of Tatamagouche. His knowledge of technology is invaluable as he looks to develop the business with the newest CNC machine in the workshop.

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